rebranding and website Hydrosolar

Our tasks

  • Art direction
  • Branding
  • Front-End
  • Graphic design
  • Icons
  • UX – prototype
  • WordPress development
  • WP backend UX design

Hydrosolar is our regular client for whom 5 years ago we made a total rebranding with the creation of a website. Rebranding included the development not only of a new company logo but also CI manual, iconography, a leading graphic motif and the design of many company materials. The website was the culmination of work on the new identification.

After five years, it was time to refresh the latter. We have happily made a new website design in line with the latest technical solutions and using the RWD capabilities.

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Home page

The home page traditionally has the representational function (hence the large headline and looped video visible immediately after entering the site) and notifying function thanks to the latest news and promotions available immediately. Home page, thanks to the modular structure used, can be modified by the client depending on current needs. Available modules can be added or removed and moved relative to each other.

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Short product list

Due to the fact that the company already has an extensive online catalog available for partners on the company’s website, it was necessary to present the general offer of products. We used the product icons drawn on the occasion of the visual identification and created a general presentation of available products and brands divided into product groups.

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News and promotions

All Hydrosolar branches cooperate closely with their partners, often offering them new products and attractive promotions. That’s why we had to find a place for both types of content on the new site. All new products and promotions are displayed on a collective page, but can also be easily assigned to a location using a filter or by opening a subpage of a specific branch.

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Rich training offer

Hydrosolar offers a huge number of product training, technology training, open days etc. Due to this we decided to design a calendar that easily fits big number of events available on the site. Users can access calendar view as well as event list ordered by month as well by location and category.

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Company departments' micro sites

Hydrosolar products and services are available in many Polish provinces, and the distribution is covered by a dense network of wholesalers subordinated to regional branch. To help users with finding the nearest branch we designed a database presented in the form of a map and a list. In addition, the headquarters of each branch is presented in the form of a micro page (landing page) that is collecting information from the entire Hydrosolar regarding given company (promotions and news, training).

Client's testimonial

Our cooperation at every stage of project implementation was fully professional. The ease of contact and full understanding made the work smooth and timely. Employees – very creative and friendly – served their knowledge and experience, suggesting the best possible solutions (…) Constructive criticism of our original ideas / assumptions had a big impact on the final construction of websites. Layout of the pages was developed with taste, non-intrusive, adequate to the industry and consistent with the company’s image.

- Agata Tomkiewicz / Hydrosolar -