rebranding and website Bottega IT minds

Our tasks

  • Art direction
  • Branding
  • Front-End
  • Graphic design
  • Icons
  • UX – prototype

Bottega IT Minds is a training company that brings together practitioners with extensive experience in various technologies in the IT industry.

We have been cooperating with Bottega it Minds for several years. We have created website project previously and now after few years, we had the pleasure to refresh our own design adapting it to the current trends, technological possibilities and new customer expectations.

We started from the basics by creating new logo and visal identification. We wanted communication consistency, so we also supervised photographic sessions that the client realized in cooperation with the selected photographer.

Bottega refers to the concept of the Renaissance idea of ​​the studio, in which future experts develop their skills under the supervision of a mentor.

That’s the direction we chose for all communication, starting with the logo. Minimalistic yet rich rich in refined details, referring to π sign as a universal science symbol. π is also a competency model used in Bottega – a strong technical pillar and a strong support pillar: eg soft skills, educational talent, charisma, strategic thinking.

The company’s colors remained unchanged. Navy blue stands for professionalism, experience and responsibility, and orange adds some dynamism and symbolizes persistent pursuit of the goal.

Photos – art direction

In order to effectively convey the nature of the company we have developed a brief for a photo session. We wanted the photos to present Bottega – the studio as a team of people with extensive experience, jointly solving the challenges encountered. The effects of photo sessions can be seen not only on the website but also in all materials that make up the visual identification.

Visual identification

When creating visual identification, we decided to refer to the style of the logo – a simple, minimalist and expressive form. Intense corporate colors and corresponding photos emphasize the professionalism of our client. As part of the visual identification, we have developed:

  • logo
  • book of the sign
  • leading graphic theme
  • letterhead
  • business cards – it is worth noting that each contains a portrait photo, which is consistent with the image of the company focused around the team
  • leaflets and press advertising
  • certificate
  • notebook and pens


The previously mentioned work on the website is not only refreshing graphics. Together with the client, we have gone through all the stages of design and implementation paying attention to every detail. We started work from precisely defining customer needs and project assumptions. Then we developed a prototype (Axure), which allowed us to work together with client on refining the functional concept and confront each other’s assumptions.

Both the prototype and design based on it were developed in accordance with Responsive Web Design – lack of adaptivity for different screen sizes was one of the main reasons for website change. As part of the graphic design, we have also prepared icons representing training categories to present the company’s offer as clearly as possible.

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Home page

We treated the main page as a company’s business card, a collection of information in a nutshell. Client wanted to show the richness of the training offer and enable to quickly go to selected training category.

At this point, we also wanted to mention the other, somehow additional services of Bottega – hence a concise and clear presentation.

Home page could not be missing the profiles of coaches who are undoubtedly showcase of the company.

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Team as greatest value

As the owner of the company writes, Bottega is made of the most interesting figures in the Polish IT world. In that case, it would be a sin not to show what each team member has to offer. That is why in the team profiles of each of them we have not only short bio but also specialization and conducted trainings as well as collected materials for participants and more. We enriched the whole with a portrait photo. Thanks to this, the trainers gallery is not only rich in information but also aesthetically and consistently presented.

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The description of the company dependent on the recipient

Bottega extend its offer not only to programmers but also to management and HR. The client wanted to prepare a separate company description for each of these groups. That is why we have developed a template design containing reusable sections useful in the description of the company for easy use.  So on the descriptive pages we can find client gallery, interactive ifographic, text description or short texts with pictures.

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Baza materiałów

What undoubtedly distinguishes our client’s company is an extensive database of free resources for programmers for which we have devoted a separate page on the site. All resources have been sorted by category similarly to trainings, thanks to which you can easily connect them both. We made sure that every resource is comprehensively and legibly described and easily accessible.

Clear presentation of the offer

The core of Bottega’s activity is conducting trainings and workshops in the field of IT. Meanwhile, the offer is so rich that it is divided into 14 main categories and subcategories. We wanted the specific training to be easily accessible and the whole page easily legible and encouraging to explore further information.

Each category has its own trainers so we decided to show their silhouettes here as well. A detailed description of each training is divided into readable sections, where you can find not only information in a nutshell but also a detailed program, profiles of trainers as well as available resources on the subject of the training. Those interested in the training can immediately contact the coordinator.

Client's testimonial

We have worked with Helo! Studio for several years on second and third editions of our company website and additional identity materials. In both cases the cooperation looked exemplary: starting from functional mock-ups, through fast and accurate visual designs to the website code. Noteworthy is the quick response of the entire team to modifications and minor corrections in the code. Also it is worth noting that before we started working with Hello! Studio, we tried to cooperate with other companies in the past – almost 10 attempts in total. In each case, the trials ended with a waste of money and, most importantly, time.

Cooperation with Hello! Studio was a nice change and helped us regain faith in Polish design.

- Sławomir Sobótka / Bottega it Minds -